The (Original) Good News

They say you can’t top the original (and they’re probably right), but I’m going to try.

The original Good News was a column in the Muscatine Journal (a small Iowa newspaper), written by my cousin, Amy Meyer. To know Amy was to love her, and many, many did. She was a teacher, foster mom, writer, breast cancer warrior, and much more. More than anything, she was inspiring. With her words in The (Original) Good News, she managed to find light in any situation. She truly did see the Good News in everything she did, right up until the breast cancer took her very, very bright life. But, this is The Good News (Two) so we’re going to keep things bright and shiny around here, because that’s how Amy would have wanted it. I’ve heard recently (as in almost every time I leave my purse somewhere or am easily distracted by what’s on TV) that Amy and I have lots of similarities. I’m going to try to use this space to continue that trend with my writing. Enjoy!

Check out some of the very best out of the original “Good News.”

2004 seemed to start, end with talk about breasts

Autumn day mixed with music and memories

Back to school: Do we still have some fireworks?

But I just got the hang of my old cell phone

Can We Cure Cancer with Cookies?

Finding the good in the Bad

Freedom Comes in Many Forms

Give Thanks for great neighbors

Great Hats, Colorful Scarves and a Wig

Happy Mother’s Day

Junk, trash or treasure?

With Martha in prison, it’s time to enjoy the ‘pretty good’ things in life

New Hair

Perspective changes idea of what’s important

Run, have fun and learn a little, too

Saying goodbye to Chemo Treatment

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Writer struggles: What’s good about cancer?

The Long Days of Summer

What makes a top notch soldier


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