Adventures in Hand Lettering

This Sunday evening, it feels like fall. Candle burning, breeze blowing through the window… it’s nice. Except I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet! It has been a busy, but wonderful summer full of adventures, travels, and new experiences.

Through all the business in this season of my life, I found myself looking for a fun, but non-work related hobby. For the first time in a while, I had some down time each night, and throughout the long Wyoming winter I wanted to spend those hours learning a new skill. When I was planning my wedding, I painted a few barn board signs to use on the big day, and I loved the process. That evolved into hand-addressing all 300ish invitations to our celebration. I used a felt-tip pen and it took hours longer than I now know it should. Live and learn, I guess!

So this winter, in my search for a new hobby, I spent some time (AKA lots of hours on instagram) researching hand letterers and the process. I found out that there are lots of ways to create beautiful lettering, and started hoarding building my collection of pens, brushes and inks.

I also downloaded some practice sheets from The Postman’s Knock and followed Saffron Avenue on Instagram. It seems that there are so many styles of lettering, and I’m still working on finding my own. For now, I’m really loving watercolors, and recently worked on a  collection of watercolor prints to sell next weekend at Good Maker’s Market. Take a look!



Here’s to new hobbies and hopefully a raise so that I can continue to buy art supplies 😉


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