1 Year Anniversary

I’m sitting here after an amazing weekend in Steamboat Springs, CO where we celebrated our one year anniversary, and I really can’t believe how quickly a year has passed by. This year has been one major adventure after the next, and I’m lucky enough to have had my best friend by my side through it all.

Drew and I joke that we met when his mom crashed my fifth birthday party. Whether or not it was love at sight, we may never know (there was a bouncy house and a pony keg involved in this birthday/4th of July bash, so give me a break). Sparks DID fly, though, about 10 years later. I was 15 and Drew was forced to drive me everywhere for the first eight months of our relationship. Including to the orthodontist in a snow storm because I was not going to wait one more day to get those braces off. That’s love if I’ve ever seen it.


Hannah and Drew circa 2009.


Our wedding day was everything I could have imagined. We filled The Barn with all of our favorite people and celebrated bigger than I think anyone dreamed. Everyone says this, but it really was the perfect day. It’s such a surreal feeling to hit a major milestone in life while surrounded by all the people who have gotten you to that point. To know that each one of them was cheering us on all along (in various parts of our lives) and to have them all there as we said “I Do” was incredible. I’ll be watching our wedding video on repeat today!

Getting Ready-29

Reception-43IMG_7107IMG_6696Getting Ready-85Getting Ready-68IMG_7028IMG_6711

We found out this weekend that when you’ve been together for almost eight years and married for one of them, you end up getting each other the exact same anniversary gifts, prints of this photo from our trip to Jackson, WY earlier this year:


We spent the weekend eating great food, kayaking (my first time..another new adventure), and exploring yet another new city together. It was so much fun, and I’m sure we’ll be back.


This year has been filled with excitement – a move to Wyoming, our first home, Hank (enough said), travel to new places and old, new jobs, friends and traditions. And it’s primarily been been good news. This year has been exciting, scary, challenging in the best way, and…happy. I sit here writing this feeling thankful to have good news to share, and to have someone good to share it with.

Happy first anniversary, Drew!



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