It finally feels like summertime in Wyoming and that makes for one happy Hannah! We’ve already taken advantage of the nice weather and nearby mountains quite a bit, and have some fun plans for the rest of the summer as well. The Summers are really why we thought moving to Wyoming might be a good idea in the first place (I mean, never ending winters are great and all but humidity-free summers are better) so we’re excited to take advantage of it as much as we can in the next few months.

In lieu of a lengthy post about what we’ve been up to, I’m sharing a collection of photos from our latest adventures. I’ll check back in next week after we take an anniversary trip to Steamboat Springs, CO!


Naturally I have to start with a photo of Hank…We’ve been running in the mornings before work and it turns out it’s really great for both of us. AKA, anything that reduces the amount of energy he has makes me very happy. 



We made a trip back to Iowa for Amanda and Will’s wedding. It was beautiful and we had so much fun seeing so many of our favorite Iowans.


Memorial Day weekend was spent camping with my favorite two year olds. They went “shishing” and their celebration was awesome!


Found in Laramie, WY.


Strawberry Moscow Mules are a favorite this summer. 


The front of our house got a bit of curb appeal with some landscaping, shutters and a newly painted door.


Hank’s first camping experience at Vedauwoo. 


We Also headed home to Iowa for Iowa State’s graduation, and I only managed to take photos of the (very thorough) celebration we had for Alexa’s engagement. #worthit

Other things on our summer bucket list include kayaking, Rocky Mountain National Park, having as many visitors from Iowa as possible (now taking reservations everyone), finishing up landscaping in our back yard (and avoiding killing everything in our garden), lots of hiking and camping adventures, Mt. Rushmore, and experiencing our first real Cheyenne Frontier Days. I always love this time of year, but it seems to go by so fast. Here’s to making the most of it all!


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