Good News for Every Occasion


Jeep Conversation

Amy Meyer, columnist behind the Original Good News

When I started this blog, I was mostly excited to have an opportunity to write on my own terms. I was also looking forward to taking inspiration from my favorite writer, Amy Meyer, and reading through her most popular columns did not disappoint. As I was reading, I kept mentally filing her various columns and their lessons away for moments I’m bound to encounter in my life. Amy’s columns are jam-packed with the perfect mixture of positivity, realistic opinion, humor, and wisdom. Even though Amy’s life was incredibly unique, both in the things that she chose to do and in the things that chose her, her writing is relatable, regardless of what you’re going through. In realizing that as I read through her columns, I thought I would pay it forward and share some of her wisdom with all of you.

  1. For when you need a little perspective: Perspective changes idea of what’s important
  2. For when you need a dose of patriotism: What makes a top notch soldier
  3. For when you’re going through a major change in life: Great Hats, Colorful Scarves and a Wig
  4. For when you are feeling reflective on life’s adventures: 2004
  5. For When you need a laugh: Martha
  6. For when you’re feeling appreciative of those who raised you: Happy Mother’s Day
  7. For when you’re feeling appreciative of friends who feel like family: Give Thanks for great neighbors
  8. For when you’re struggling to find positivity: Finding the good in the Bad
  9. For when you want to make a difference, but don’t know how: Back to School
  10. For when you’re struggling to relate:  Thanksgiving Thoughts
  11. For when you’re feeling nostalgic:  But I just got the hang of my old cell phone
  12. For when you wish there was an easy solution: Can We Cure Cancer with Cookies

These are just some of my favorites from the Original Good News. You can check out the rest here. I hope you can all take something from Amy’s writing, I know I did! For those who knew her, tell me, doesn’t it feel good reading Amy’s words? To me it feels like I’m having another conversation with her. For those who did not know her, I hope her words give you a glimpse into her awesome personality. Goodness knows her bright light is missed very much.


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