Lensch Living: Hall Cabinet Update

Two weekends ago I conned Drew into helping me paint our living room, dining room and hallway. Of course painting can never be just painting though, so we ended up replacing light switches and cover plates, and updating the built in cabinets at the end of our hallway.

I love these cabinets because they are tucked back in at the end of our hallway so they’re out of the way, but they’re also really spacious so they’re really helpful for storage purposes. Right now they’re sort of a catch-all extra storage space that doesn’t serve a specific purpose, but I think they will eventually act as a linen closet since our bathroom doesn’t have a ton of storage and we have eight thousand towels as a result of our wedding.

Anyway, they were in need of a little face-lift. Before, they were poorly painted white with wooden knobs and mismatched hinges. They also had bright blue shelf paper with stars and planets on it. It was time for an update.

We painted the walls “grey beige” (very exciting, I know), so I thought the cabinet doors would blend in too much if we painted them the same color. So we took a trip to Lowes and found some white paint to match our trim. We also picked up some new hinges and replaced those. My parents had some leftover brushed nickel knobs from when they built our house, so we stole a box of those when we were home for Christmas.

The most exciting part of this update is the new shelf paper (can shelf paper be exciting?). It was a little tricky to install, so I would recommend having an extra set of hands available to make it a little easier.

Overall, I’m so happy with the finished product:


It seems like such a small change, but I’m really happy with how it all turned out. Slowly but surely we’re whipping this house into shape! Next up is finishing our basement bathroom and adding the final touches to our bedroom. As much fun as these home updates have been, I’m itching for spring weather and the opportunity to get outside.

Now to get back to work and begin the countdown to the weekend!


One thought on “Lensch Living: Hall Cabinet Update

  1. Darcy Petersen says:

    Looks awesome kiddo!!! You guys are doing such a great job putting your personal touches on your new home! Thanks for sharing!
    Love you!
    Aunt Darcy


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